Banksy, defacing the currency

Watching the excellent Banksy documentary, Exit Through the Gift Shop. Banksy’s always struck me as the modern heir to Diogenes the Cynic, who was thrown out of Sinope for ‘defacing the currency’, so it’s good to see Banksy defacing the currency too.


  • Tim Baber says:

    The currency of this century is information. It is often free, but thereby is betrayed a cost. Isolate someone from good information, and monopolise what is availble to them, and what follows becomes predictable…something that can be bet upon, even. Infomatics loves things to be either or, not so much maybe. Maybe introduces risk.
    Few shops trying to hold the high ground in any high street territory are not reducible to binary. Shops hold their value because they convert an 0 into a 1. Deliberation is highly valued, more so than choice.
    WE, the people, are reducible to binary…who we support and who we ignore for a start. The fascinating history of Monarch Programming has come of age for you, the electorate. What made rulers dependable, switchable if you like, was the binary nature of their upbringing and environment. It has been a millennial task to get that sort of call and response as dependable a transaction between such “rulers” and the ruled. Now, we do not really need politicians. Can you see the cracks for the paper thin politicians and the other puppets? Of course you can, but the programme is that we will only see the fault lines that are drawn for us, and, as any child knows, the map is not the territory.

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