Back in the mists of the sixth century BC, a shepherd boy called Epimenides wandered into a sacred cave, and fell asleep for fifty seven years. When he awoke, he not only had magical powers – he was also completely covered in tattoos. Epimenides is thus the first in a long and strange history of Read more…


I love this description of a charlatan philosopher, from the Cynic satirist Lucian of Samosata. I came across it in Luke Timothy Johnson’s excellent audio lecture series, The Greco-Roman Moralists. “Isn’t this Thrasycles ? No other ! With his beard spread out and his eyebrows uplifted, he marches along deep in haughty meditation, his eyes Read more…


I like this cartoon by Hardin.

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I can’t wait to see this. There was a guy who was at my school, Will Adamsdale, five years above me, who was a very talented actor and guitarist, who kind of bummed around for a bit after university, then in 2004 went up to the Edinburgh Festival and put on this strange little show Read more…

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