Richard Weber has a dream. He grew up in a rough neighbourhood in Connecticut, where most people he knew spent their free time doing weed, coke, heroin or crystal meth. By the time he was 18, Richard was doing coke every night. He managed to pull out of that free fall before it killed him, Read more…


Man, games designer Jane McGonigal is so awesome. Check this vid out, about a game she invented to help herself overcome concussion. She is amazing.

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So I bought a Kindle yesterday. Yes, boys with toys, another new gadget, I couldn’t resist. I love it. All those new books at a touch of a button. The first book I bought, which you can only get as an e-book, was what the FT called ‘the most talked-about non-fiction book of the year’ Read more…

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Rockstar, the game company behind Grand Theft Auto, is releasing a new game in 2011 called LA Noire, which uses cutting-edge new technology to create what they say is the most lifelike computer animation of the human face yet. This is crucial for the game, in which you play a detective trying to work out Read more…

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There are some talented people out there… [youtube=]

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