Thomas Traherne is the great undiscovered treasure of English literature. This 17th century Hereford parson was uncelebrated in his lifetime, and for 200 years after his death, until his works happened to be discovered in a wheelbarrow outside an antique bookstore in London. In 1904, his ecstatic book of English mysticism, Centuries of Meditation, was finally published. CS Lewis called it ‘almost the most beautiful book in the English language’. The Church Times recently voted it the 15th best Christian book ever!
Traherne was an influence on Blake and Wordsworth, and through them on Whitman and the Beat poets. Reading him is a mind-expanding experience.  This event will be of interest to anyone interested in spirituality, regardless of their faith.

This is the second annual Stoicism Today event, and the biggest global event on Stoic philosophy in 2014. It brings together leading experts on Stoicism and its modern relevance. It is part of Stoic Week 2014.

The event will explore:

- practical advice for Stoic resilience and flourishing

- ancient techniques for transforming the self, changing habits and facing adversity – and the scientific evidence for them

- how modern psychotherapy draws on Stoic wisdom

- how people use Stoicism at work, in professional sports, in prison and elsewhere

- how Stoicism is related to other wisdom traditions like Buddhism and Taoism

- we also want to hear from you about how you find Stoicism helpful

The morning will have key-note talks and a plenary panel, then the afternoon will offer five different workshops for attendees to take part in. The event also sees the launch of a new book, ‘Stoicism Today: Selected Writings’, which includes contributions by many of the event’s speakers.

Speakers include:

Professor Christopher Gill, emeritus professor at Exeter University

Professor Angie Hobbs, professor of the public understanding of philosophy at Sheffield University

Dr John Sellars, author of ‘Stoicism’

Gill Garratt, author of ‘CBT for Work’

Tim LeBon, psychotherapist and author of ‘Achieve Your Potential with Positive Psychology’

Donald Robertson, author of ‘Stoicism and the Art of Happiness’

Patrick Ussher, editor of ‘Stoicism Today’

Jules Evans, author of ‘Philosophy for Life and Other Dangerous Situations’

Stephen Costello, director of the Viktor Frankl Institute in Ireland.

Mark Hardie MBE, former Royal Marine, now resilience expert at Tempest

Nikki Cameron, teacher and founder of HMP Low Moss philosophy club

Other speakers will be announced in the next two months.

The pre-event fee is £15, which includes coffee, tea and lunch. The event will cost £20 on the door. We’re not making a profit from this event and none of the speakers are being paid – the ticket price is entirely to cover the overhead costs of the event. 

This is a great event for any fans of Stoicism, or anyone interested in learning about this highly practical and therapeutic ancient philosophy, whose modern devotees include Arianna Huffington, Tom Wolfe, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Elle MacPherson and Adrian Edmondson.


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