How Aldous Huxley inspired the human potential movement

Sorry I haven’t been posting much – I’m on holiday, reading a lot and taking it easy. I’ve been reading a fascinating history of adult education in the US, which has given me much to think on. One of the things I found out was that the human potential movement – ie Esalen, erhard seminars training, Landmark, large group training sessions and all that jazz – was inspired by Aldous Huxley and some of his lectures on ‘human potentials’ in 1960. Have a read of this article on the origins of the Esalen project.


  • Anonymous says:

    Your Blog is so wonderful. You do an outstanding job of combining the cool of analysis or of CBT with your affection for life and folks.

    The link to your site is now blocked so I haven't been to it for 7 month. Today I stumbled across it. Once again, I was in the coffee shop with you, listening to smart dialog and witty asides. We clinicians need you. Thanks,

  • Jules says:

    Thanks Vickie, very kind words.
    Planning to do event on CBT, positive psychology and philosophy in May in London. Watch this space!
    All best

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